Anomalism 8-30
2003-08-31 15:52:36 ET

I was at best buy getting some dvd s, I got a Zatoichi episode, 32 old Outer Limits,and The Two Towers. We had this gift card and when the Lady Anomalous pulled it off the cardboard there was this glue stuff which she smudged off and handed to me and said"here have a glue booger". So I took it and was stretching it out and looking at it and the texture reminded me of fruit roll ups. So I need to know if anyone elses brain made the same thing out of these two phrases, glue boogers, and fruit roll ups?
Let me know?

2003-08-31 16:06:55 ET

can honestly say that hasn't happened to me. Did you enoy the two towers?

2003-08-31 16:30:01 ET

Way yes! and my wife and I like to have coffee and toast with samurai flicks on saturday mornings.

2003-08-31 17:11:42 ET

It was an awesome movie, I'm waiting for the third one now.

Oh yes, I was thinking about something to crack your 2% music margin. ever heard of Lacuna Coil? They're fairly good. Kind of hard to describe from my perception of them anyway, but they're good nonetheless

2003-08-31 17:19:41 ET

I think of the skin of some kind of monster when i think fruit roll ups, glue boogers remind me of regular boogers...

2003-08-31 17:43:23 ET

My twisted sense of humer imediatly spliced the two into , well I don't want to say just yet.
Self- I'll have to check into that, is there a genre of music that they more or less fit into?

2003-08-31 19:45:36 ET

i have thought of glue boogers as fruit by the foot b4...thats basically the same

2003-09-01 02:19:53 ET

I put it together as "Noze Rollups" with all the images that such a product brings to mind.

2003-09-01 04:50:28 ET

Noze Rollups? *shudder*

Lacuna Coil...hmmm.. Cdnow calls them an "Italian goth rock act" I'd say they're kind of like a foreign Evanescence. Bit heavier at times though. Maybe someone thats more knowledged about them can help me out here.

I havent decided if I like their singer or Evanescence's more yet.

2003-09-02 17:22:25 ET

I knew thier had to be someone out there who's mind puts stuff together this way besides me.

2003-09-03 17:16:34 ET

whoa, i call them glue-boogers too! i bought the Two Towers last week. it rocks. the 3rd film comes out the day before my birthday, so it will make a good present.

2003-09-03 17:19:57 ET

We pre ordered the special edition, can't wait to see it.

2003-09-03 17:20:27 ET

Special addition of ROTK? or two towers?

2003-09-03 17:23:49 ET

Two Towers. We bought the special edition of the first one not too long ago. It has 30 minutes more movie and wow what a difference.

2003-09-03 17:24:55 ET

seriously or sarcastically? I thought the first rocked just from the normal I'll have to find that extended version

2003-09-03 17:28:38 ET

It was like seeing the film new. it makes the theatre version seem like an edited for tv version. for real!

2003-09-03 18:46:23 ET

I have a copy of the first movie special edition. it is amazing what a difference those 30 minutes make!

glue boogers? yep. noze roll ups? nope. :)

anom, it took me awile to realize that all the prog/art/dino rock I loved in the 70s turned into goth.

I still love King Crimson, btw.

2003-09-04 04:22:15 ET

One of my friends back home has the special edition, maybe I'll borrow it for the week. so that brings the movie up to....almost 4 hours? (guessing)

Speaking of prog-ish rock, anomalous, are you into dream theater at all?

2003-09-04 11:49:43 ET

yeah, i saw the last part of the special edition on HBO one night. it was so good i almost cried.

2003-09-04 16:57:06 ET

Self-I havn't heard of them but I'm finding that there is tons o stuff I aint heard of. I like space rock, I like prog, and I like fusion and techno and I've heard very litle of any of them. I was gettin into some Massive Attack on the way home from work today.
Skymosh- that sounds interesting I'd like to know more.

2003-09-05 02:54:01 ET

Dream theater is pretty cool, john petrucci (guitar player) is the man

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