Anomalism 9-27
2003-09-27 05:21:17 ET

I just got back from getting a wisdom tooth ground down for a cap, and the left side of my face feels like an inflated balloon. Kinda wierd, this will be crown # 5. Thank God for modern dentistry, I'd hate to be missing that many teeth at this age or actualy any age. If I had lots and lots o money I'd have my canines crowned with metalic caps. They wouldn't have to be long or anything, just having metal canines would be cool. Am I strange?

2003-09-27 06:47:17 ET

The more metal in your mouth, the better :p

But I'm going to get my wisdom teeth (all of them) pulled out soon. I'm looking forward to the sedation :p

2003-09-27 07:04:25 ET

i tried to eat after the dentist numbed one side of my face didn't work to well. Having metal canines would be cool.

2003-09-27 10:43:35 ET

I've needed my wisdom teeth pulled for about a year, but it probably won't happen for a while

2003-10-03 16:58:35 ET

I have one crown. It took me a few months to get used to it. It was weird to have a tooth there that didn't have a silver colored filling. :P

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