Anomalism 10-10
2003-10-10 17:46:07 ET

Did you ever try to kill a yellow jacket with a hat? It was all I had at the time, I was driving my work truck (which broke down again today) and this damn yellow jacket flew in front of my face. Of course rose thorns hurt worse than yellow jacket stings, but still I can't have the distraction when driving (notice how I excuse my violence) so I have to swat it with my hat. Got him a good one against the far window and he hits the seat all curled up and falls to the floor. I figure he's done right? so I'm driving alog a few minutes later and I glance over cuz I see movement and guess who? He, she, it has crawled back up on the seat and is shaking it off and straightening its antenae like "yea dat was rough but I'll be okay in a minute". I'm thinking okay you lived but no way are you going to fly away from that hit, it did!

My other yellow jacket story happened when I was string trimming along the flower beds at a property that I mannage and now picture this. I'm moving to my right trimming away when out of the corner of my eye to the right I see this yellow jacket flying low and slow on an intersect course with my string. I'm thinking "this could be good" so my course is steady and keep in mind this immanent encounter is like being hit with a baseball bat at 750 mph, its gonna cut you in half but not sharply. So closer and closer and smack!, my eye follows the torso which tumbles up and forward and thats interesting but the realy freaky part is where the back half went. It flew straight and true right at my eyeball and stuck to my safty glasses with the stinger sticking out and every thing. I mean you can't make up better stories than the wierd shit that just happens .

2003-10-10 18:00:18 ET

i will never look at a yellow jacket int the same way again.

2003-10-10 18:14:04 ET

me neither..judging from those stories I'd think they were plotting the death of us all!

2003-10-10 18:20:38 ET

They are sinnister little bastards. Whats cool about em is they like to build thier hives in the ground and then skunks come along at night and find em and dig em up and eat em. I mean just straight up eat em stinger and all. Now thats some wierd shit.

2003-10-10 18:35:08 ET

it's hard to killinsects. Cockroaches can live for up to a week after being beheaded and die from starvation, not the beheading.

2003-10-11 10:45:57 ET

heh, "im driving along and i see movement and hes shaking it off"-lol. like a fighter or something. funny. ewww angel, i hate those things, i had one wonder on in the other night, i obliverated it with raid, (i cant stand the crunching noise they make).

2003-10-11 13:24:34 ET

there was a yellow jacket trying yo escape by going through the class of the back windshield (unsuccesfuly) so i tried to smother him with a plastic bag. took me well near 20 minutes to kill him. little buggers are tenatious.

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