Anomalism 10-15
2003-10-15 18:05:51 ET

No sooner than I do my yellow jacket stories than I have a new battle with them. They finaly put the axle on my old work trailer(after 2 months). So I transfer my stuff to it, and I'm out working and stuff no big deal. Now the back door is also a ramp, and every time I open it I see a yellow jacket crawling on it. So I start smashing them cuz apparently they have decided to over winter inside the door. Well damnit its my door, fortunatly it was coolish and they were slow or they'd a kicked my ass cuz it was a 30 to 1 disadvantage. But I did prevail and they were vanquished this time. We'll see about next.

2003-10-15 18:08:50 ET

anomalous. title: bee slayer

2003-10-15 18:17:43 ET

Anomalous 2
Yellow Jackets 0

Game 3 to be announced.

2003-10-15 18:18:50 ET

lol! When I was in high school, a friend and I had a contest over summer break to see who could kill the most paper wasps by hand (no chemicals). My chosen weapon was a shoe, his was a ball cap, I ended up winning 256 to 250.

2003-10-15 18:25:06 ET

I promise not to call PETA. ;)

2003-10-15 18:31:58 ET

when i used to have to take out the garbage at work there were always bees by the trash compactor machine... so, i'd kill them with a 5 gallon soft plastic jug that the oil came in... pretty effective because of it's size

2003-10-15 18:44:27 ET

I'm sure the statute of limitations is up on that one ,it was 25 years ago. Still it might be fun to have one come after me with a can of paint(I wonder if they still do that)

2003-10-15 18:49:38 ET

I think they do.

As much as I love animals, I can't seem find compassion for bugs. However, I hgave a friend who has pet Madagascar cockroaches. They hiss.

2003-10-15 18:59:43 ET

I've heard of the hissing bug thing, I'd have to have a more manly bug like a millipede or a slug, heh.

2003-10-15 19:20:40 ET

I do have a soft spot for butterflies, they're pretty girlie.

2003-10-15 19:24:15 ET

I can imagine an aviary full of butterflies, way cool.

2003-10-15 19:25:47 ET

that would be beautiful.

2003-10-16 00:31:51 ET

eww hissing r_____S gross! theres a butterfly house here i have yet to visit, ive heard its cool.

2003-10-16 04:50:16 ET

I got into the bad habit of shooting a yellow jacket nest/hive/whatever with my pellet gun whenever I was just plinking in the backyard. fortunately, I must not have made them very angry, they never really came out and swarmed or anything

2003-10-16 14:55:38 ET

I knew a guy who put a chain saw through one, he ran.

2003-10-16 14:56:36 ET

I'd run too if they started swarming

2003-10-16 16:18:52 ET

Try shotgun, that'll ruin their day.

2003-10-16 16:29:55 ET

I had one skirmish where I had just bitch slaped a whole nest of them when one stragler made a kamikaze run at my face. I was back pedeling hard and ended up clapping it to death 6" from my nose. I very nearly had an episode of bravely wetting my pants that time.

2003-10-16 18:57:49 ET

I'll have to take my mp5 and unload a clip into it

2003-10-19 18:46:06 ET


such studs!

2003-10-20 02:58:20 ET

*strikes a manly pose*....*hurts himself*

2003-10-20 12:26:12 ET


um, with you, not *at* you!

2003-10-20 13:47:01 ET


Anom, I found the surplus store... lots of drooling and surplus oogling, going to go back when I'm driving and don't have to rush for others.

2003-10-20 16:12:07 ET

Sounds like fun to me. I'm working a a scheme to get me a moisan nagant by trading off one of my handguns cuz I'm out of gun money cuz I don't have any more side jobs for generating disposable income, I'm almost out of ammo and I'm about to buy a house. Us gun totin bug squashin he men types got our priorities you know.
*Strikes a manly pose*....*takes several minutes to catch his breath afterwards*..* has a sit down*

2003-10-20 16:15:27 ET

I asked about airsoft...they said they could order them and they just sold the only one they electric m16 for $100! normally they're like 200. I want to buy a few .50 dummy rounds there to use as paper weights and assorted fun things next time I go. my dad will probably want to go next time hes in bangor too. fun stuff, fun stuff. Woo for the house!

2003-10-20 16:23:33 ET

I changed the words to the badger song from badgerbadger to mausermauser and sing it to my kids that way, they bust out laughing.

2003-10-20 16:55:31 ET


that flash is like crack, isn't it? :D

2003-10-20 17:10:53 ET

The rest of the stuff from his site is very humerous too.

2003-10-21 03:08:43 ET

mausermauser ....GENIUS!

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