Anomalism 11-6
2003-11-06 15:49:48 ET

Just did 300 pushups, must do 100 more. My head hurts and Mouse the cat wants fed. In other news we are waiting to see if our offer on a house is accepted. We're pretty jazzed, it was built in 1870 and has 5 acres, we bid 88,000. Now Baldric the other cat is noojing me wanting food. I need to eat my self, must do pushups first.

2003-11-06 16:15:55 ET


2003-11-06 16:39:59 ET

"noojing" ? What is that, exactly?

2003-11-06 19:58:23 ET

damn. 300 pushups! I can barely do one girl style. :P

2003-11-07 00:28:17 ET

Slaad- The cat gets up on the desk or what ever you are doing and starts rubbing on you and trying to get in your way.

2003-11-07 02:44:44 ET

Haha, okay, is that a technical term? ;)

2003-11-07 08:02:29 ET

work it work it work it... oh man. i need to do that...

2003-11-07 10:48:41 ET

300 Rock!!!! you'd max your P.T. test

2003-11-07 12:15:36 ET

whoa..300 pushups.

I can't do them anymore because of my hands. :(

2003-11-10 11:01:45 ET

ok, your wife is beautiful! jeeze, what a good looking pair. no wonder your kids are good looking.

Baldrick - is he named for the Blackadder character?

2003-11-11 00:35:06 ET

Yes he is, he is 9 yrs old and weighs 19 lbs and is the coolest cat I've ever known.
I hope no one thinks I did all 300 in a row, I'm not that strong. I do them in sets of 50 or 25s.
Thank you Skymosh.

2003-11-11 11:03:45 ET

i did 100 pushups for fun in English last year.


2003-11-11 14:36:27 ET

Go girl!

2003-11-19 11:25:10 ET

food...i miss that!

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