Anomalism 12-6
2003-12-06 04:45:54 ET

Something about the smell of dryed leaves, Pin Oak leaves I think they are, that reminds me of hot tea with bourbon. Its been giving me a hankerin for some, hmmh? Its very odd some times the way unrelated aromas get processed in our brains and bring back memories and or desires. What are some of yours', What are some unrelated ideas that sights, sounds, or smells have brought to your mind?

2003-12-06 05:06:56 ET

sweat and liquor sometimes remind me of sex... but i think that's pretty common o_O

and the smell of my bed makes me feel comfortable and sleepy...

2003-12-06 06:33:10 ET

The smell of a burned building reminds me of one in particular. Sometimes it sets me off if I walk by one, often I can smell them from a block or so away.

Most items that were saved from the particular building have long since lost the emotionally charged smell- but my mother's plastic coin bank of a raccoon hugging its tail has some burned smell inside it still.

2003-12-09 21:15:40 ET

the smell of Old Spice makes me think of my father. those are not happy memories, so it bums me out.

wood smoke reminds me of backpacking when I was a teen. I still love camping.

and garages - I love the smell of garages. oil, metal, wood. makes me feel all safe and secure for some reason.

2003-12-15 18:05:52 ET

i love the smell of burning leaves! It reminds me of autumn and playing in the yard of our old house when i was young.

2003-12-17 04:25:22 ET

This is good! some good and some bad, but all strong triggers. There is so much going on in our heads that we are unaware of. Its fun to catch glimpses of the workings that add pieces to the puzzle of our understanding, thank you all.

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