Anomalism 12-6.2
2003-12-06 05:19:32 ET

In other news we are still in the process of buying the dream house in the country. Because of the renovation factor we ahve a much more complex purchase process to go through added to the fact that we have to sell the house we live in now and get the renovating done and move in all at about the same time. My lady Anomalous has been handling all the details thus far because of the hours that I work. It isn't a fair arrangment because she works part time also, but its how things have worked out so far. It did snow big time here which could mean that winter layoff could start(this is a good thing)and I'll have more time for all this stuff. You see I'm a landscaper and we've been doing fall cleanups but once it snows we are pretty much done, and I can catch up on my hobbies and whatnot till spring thaw though this winter I will be playing with a realy big new toy called house, Moohoohah!

2003-12-06 09:50:28 ET

Thats awesome! What do you plan on having the buy finalized? Have you put your current house on the market?

2003-12-06 13:21:45 ET

The bank wants to close on the 18th and we will be listing our house this week. The realtor is coming over tomorrow to take pics for the listing.

2003-12-10 10:25:30 ET

well, we are renting the country house of our dreams for $550 a month. Its got 700 acres and loads of cows! i hope your plans go well, because living in the country house of your dreams is the greatest thing in the world!

2003-12-10 13:19:39 ET

I agree completly, in theory at least. I can't wait to find out for real.

2003-12-11 05:55:53 ET

neat!! :D

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