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2004-01-07 16:05:09 ET

Well I still havn't closed on the new house and it is starting to piss me off. The seller is an out of stsate bank that insists on using an out of state title co that has a person named heather who can't be bothered to return phone calls from the sellers realestate agent. they have signed onto and missed one closing date and apointed a local agent on like the day before new years eve. Who promptly tries to set up a close on new years eve only to find out that they don't have a transferable deed because they did not get the legal discription of the property rewritten as per county requirments which they didn't know about because heather can't be bothered to do her job. Now I've had to delay my contractor which is a delay I can ill afford because it will take 45 days minimum to get us in the house. The kicker is that the house I live in is sold for full price to the first person who looked at it and is set to close this month, and take possesion next month. Grrrrrrrr!!!
In other anoying news I made the mistake of going to a gun show this past weekend. I only went for the entertainment value not to buy anything right? Well I almost got out without buying anything and I technicaly havn't yet. But I did sorta put money down on this beautiful Enfield Mk III that was made in India and is chambered for 308 nato instead of the normal and expensive 303 british. All of this means that it is my favorite old rifle of all time and it uses bullets I can afford. No problem right? just buy it right? Except my lovely wife told me not to buy anything and we spent my fan proffits and my christmas money and my bonus on other usless things like liscense plates for 3 cars and bills, bugger!!! So I have to find $300 in 2 weeks.
In other better news, I turn another year older on saturday, I did 300 pushups yesterday and I'll do 300 more tomorrow. The Lord has given me health and happiness and more blessings than I can count, I don't know how it is all going to work out but I know He will work it out, so the glass is always half full.

2004-01-07 18:00:27 ET

300 pushups a day? damn. way to make me feel lazy :)

I just read an article about the enfield. I don't remember what magazine it was though.

Well, I hope your house stuff starts to go a little smoother in the near future

2004-01-07 19:04:09 ET

Happy Birthday (belated) and 300 pushups? I am impressed.

2004-01-08 07:29:35 ET

happy belated birthday!

300 pushups? d0000d!

let's hear it for aging with attitude! :)

2004-01-08 11:39:40 ET

SA9= Not belated at all, not till the 10th do I turn over my 3rd uber diget.
Skymosh= Aging with and attitude, hahahah I like that, ROAR!!! What got me started was when my lady Anomalous set about losing weight. She became so awsome that in order to be worthy of such beauty I decided I'd better to catch up. My spare tire was not diminishing the way I wanted so I decided to offset it by expanding my chest and arms. Its all about balance (he says facetiously ). Seriously, once I started seeing results it became a habit. Now my wife says I inspired her, but I think it was the other way around.

2004-01-15 11:49:54 ET

happy belated birthday and good luck with all of is evil, no?

and yes im sure God will provide...he's been teaching me to rely on him more ever since i got to california.

2004-01-15 15:51:12 ET

California needs a lot of help from God, definatly

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