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2004-01-31 12:45:50 ET

Today I took my son and went to pick up the big iron claw foot bathtub and nifty 50s white metal enameled kitchen cabinet set we bought yesterday for the new house. We have a pair of vintage bathroom sinks picked out as well. Oddly it seems we will need 3 to 5 more before we're done and them of all things we will have to go antique toilet shopping (or maybe not, that sounds kinda wierd). You can tell we're not into modern at all around here. The kitchen will be nifty fifties, other parts of the house will be done in Deco or possibly nouveau or somwhere in between, Machine age comes to mind also. Its gonna be fun for sure.

2004-02-03 03:54:17 ET

Sounds great, will you take pictures when everything is ready? :)

2004-02-03 19:26:30 ET

Oh yes! I will take some of this house before we sell it too.

2004-02-04 20:05:37 ET


decorating is so much fun.

2004-02-05 10:19:44 ET

Modern fixtures have no character, go vintage all the way!

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