Another anomalism 2-21
2004-02-21 11:57:23 ET

The demolition crew(two Amish guys) has gotten all of the old plaster torn out and there is nothing but framed in walls left. Now I guess we can start putting the electrical and plumbing and ducting in. We ordered the showers, they will arrive monday. This whole thing is way the most complicated thing we have ever done. If you don't count raising two kids, but I tend to think of that as a different catagory all together.

2004-02-23 17:29:37 ET

amish! do the men look the part?

2004-02-24 15:12:21 ET

Two Amish dudes? Sounds like party time!

2004-03-05 06:54:12 ET

Oh yea they look very the part.

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