Anomalism 4-17
2004-04-17 10:47:39 ET

I guess it has been that long since I last posted. I have been obsessing lately about my house project thing I know. But you must understand, I am living in my realtors basment, all of my stuff is in storage and I drive 80 miles to get to work each day. So you can see how I have an abundance of time and reminders that I'm not living in the house that I bought. So today I'm not going to bitch ? but instead I'm going to say that I appreciate all of you people very much and miss being able to access the web everyday. I've had a lot of fun here and look forward to getting back to regular posts. A big thanks to the founders and maintainers of this realm.

2004-04-17 18:29:49 ET

I'm guilty about not posting lately...I've been spending less time online lately, but glad to see you are still around.

2004-04-18 16:16:12 ET


2004-04-24 06:59:08 ET

Thanks! I only get to check in on saturdays now as we have started mowing at work now and I'm working 60 hrs in 5 days + the 80 mile drive to and from work.

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