Anomalism 5-22
2004-05-22 11:30:55 ET

I havn't been around for 3 weeks cuz too much has been going on. It seems that KL calling me Sisyphus has turned out appropriate. We have fired our general contracter and barred him from the property. We found out he hasn't paid some of the subs even though he has been paid. The drywall contracter aproached us 2 weeks ago saturday and asked what was up with him ? He had not paid them for materials as his contract with them specified and said that they had pulled off the job and were thinking about taking the materials back to the lumber yard. At that point we had had enough, he has lied to us about the identities of the subs, lied about the subs wanting money up front(well people) and lied about the disposition of funds recieved (well people). He made it a part of his contract that he would pull all necessary permits, then told us that he did, and we found last week that according to the county he has not pulled any permits. When he got our letter stating that we were firing him he imediatly put a liene (sp) on the house and now thinks he can force us to pay the remainder of the contract. Our attorney (thanks KL for suggesting that we get one) says "Hah" Ohio law does not allow payment to be required regardless of contract for services that have not been rendered. Also he has by not pulling permits been in violation of his contract and ohio law since the beginning, what was it I said about adventures? this would be one of them.
On the brighter side, it is so beautiful at the house now, every thing is green and alive. Every time we go down there we explore a different road just to see the countryside so in spite of the negatives we are glad and blessed in this project, can't wait to live there.

2004-05-22 11:42:21 ET

Wish I had been wrong, but good move getting council. They're like a good swiss army knife. You never think about having one till you run across something that needs doing.

Hopefully things will be smooth sailing from here.

2004-05-22 11:47:40 ET

I'm finding that to be so, but I do not fear, good will come of it all in the end.

2004-05-22 11:50:36 ET

I don't know how they do it up there, but to get a lien on something here, you have to post a bond, which you lose if you are in the wrong. It's usually $500 here. So his stupidity could lead to your betterment.

2004-05-22 11:55:19 ET

I don't know how it is done here but I believe it does involve some expense.

2004-05-22 12:22:19 ET

Man, I know what you mean.

In the place I work, sometimes I just look at these people and wonder "What could possibly be running through your mind?"

Looks like it's under control though.

2004-05-22 12:50:47 ET

hah.. In Utah the General Contracter can do all that, and get away scot free.. It's good to hear the laws are not totally against the people everywhere.

2004-05-22 20:24:20 ET

good luck anom. I will send good vibes that it all works out.

2004-05-22 22:42:13 ET

yeesh, damn contractor. like the others on this page of your's, I wish you smooth sailing!

2004-05-31 20:43:30 ET

Good Luck, let us know how it goes.

2004-06-14 13:40:07 ET

Most of what a general contractor does is spend his life on the phone handling subs. Maybe you can do that yourself.

2004-06-24 23:54:15 ET should update ;-D

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