Anomalism 6-26
2004-06-26 08:20:30 ET

Sorry to have been away for so long (too long for me) I only get access to web on saturdays between 12: and 5: and if we have to go down to the house (as last week) or to a gun show (the week before) which are 90 miles away now, I don't get a chance to post or comment.
Anyway we are not in the house yet. In many ways since we fired the first contractor we have had to start over. We are in the process of getting the permits that the previous contractor lied and said he pulled months ago. This is more complex a task after you have had work done without them (inspections and whatnot). Wtf! I said what not? Oops I've started to pick up expresions from other journals hmm. But we are making progress, very very slow progress. Today we will put the goose necks on some of the showers and measure the area of the windows.
In other news I bought a 1922 long Mauser at the gun show 2 weeks ago so now I have yet another very old rifle in yet another caliber to feed. I plan to test it out tomorrow while Mrs Anomalous is at a horse show. I'm going to try to shoot more accurate with my ironsight Mauser than my son with his scoped Mauser. We'll see.

2004-06-26 08:49:26 ET

welcome back!

Sorry to hear that the challenges are still there. At least they're getting workedout now instead of more complicated. :)

2004-06-26 08:59:26 ET

Thanks I'm glad to be back. I realy do miss this place when I'm away. I pray that things turn out well for you and your mom. Maybe this winter I'll find a way to make it to a Phily SK meet.

2004-06-26 10:18:44 ET

Greetings Anomalous.

I would like to give you a musical suggestion.

squarepusher (if you go to, you can listen to a few clips of his stuff.)

2004-06-26 10:19:21 ET

Let me know what you think, and I can prescribe a few other things you might like as well.

2004-06-26 13:43:28 ET

Damn the man. 90 miles to gun shows and your house? well that sucks. and I'm interested to hear how your shoot out with your son went too

2004-06-26 18:49:34 ET

Well it's good to see you back.

We have a Mauser that we picked up at a yard sale years ago. It's in the bedroom closet doing nothing.

2004-06-26 23:56:16 ET updated! ;-D

good luck with all that stuff, man <3

good to hear you're still alive and kickin

2004-06-27 12:56:36 ET

all prayers appreciated, anom. thanks.

and it would rock so hard if you and lady a could make it to Philly! :)

2004-07-03 20:16:36 ET

PT = Thanks I am on a dial up system at the moment but I will check it out asap.
SPG = My son did better in that his groups were tight but his groups were not where he wanted them and we ran out of time just as I was figureing out how to steady my aim with the new gun so. Results inconclusive.
Strange = ammo is very cheap for those, you should take it out and make some noise, it can be very relaxing.
Turbo = Thanks dude.
Skymosh = I plan to make a phily meet some day and I am going to try to get lady Anom to come blogging round here, she like me will be not what you expected.

2004-07-04 11:43:24 ET

that would be great! She'd fit right in with us olde phartes! :D

2004-07-13 21:03:23 ET

awesome i hear mausers are really nice weapons

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