anomalism 9-15
2004-09-15 05:07:02 ET

The scimitar like extensions of my moustache now hag 1.5 inches below my chin. Question; do I trim them back or do I braid them?

2004-09-15 05:18:48 ET

I'd go braid.

2004-09-15 05:58:12 ET

yep, second vote for braid

2004-09-15 08:51:24 ET

Braid them! Then put extensions in them Fu-Manchu style.

2004-09-16 05:49:32 ET

Gell 'em outwords so you look like a catfish! Yay!

2004-09-17 20:51:15 ET

Braid them and take pictures, if you don't like it you can always cut them. But pictures OK?

2004-10-02 10:30:29 ET

yeah i'd like to see pix of the mustache :)

2004-10-02 20:18:23 ET

braids, then for a fun change wax em into handle bars!

2004-10-06 04:50:40 ET

I don't think handle bars will work as the actual long hair is from below the corner of my mouth the way a lamb chop side burn would be except that no side burns are hapnin on me ever, since I have mostly no hair on my head.

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