Anomalism 12-20
2004-12-20 11:19:33 ET

Still no web from home, still using library. Not a pleasant situation but there is yet hope.
I am finaly laid off for the winter and I also won the big safety bonus payout ($1250 before tax) way cool but it is all spent already, oh well!
The scimitars of my moustach are now 3+ inches, I have pics that I hope I get to upload some day, I will at least be able to post more often now.
It is a winter wonderland here, huge icicles hanging from my cliffs and eves (no gutters on the house), must soon get a wood stove for the house as the propane is painfully expensive.
My son Severity who works at the local hunting and shooting club bought me an Egyptian rifle that is a semiauto 8mm with detachable mags so shoosting in the back yard has been very interesting of late. A friend of ours got himself a Desert Eagle 50 action express, I told him that he should have gotten the 44 instead my argument being"how much dead'r can a 50 make you at $1 per round than a 44 at $.30 per round? to no avail.

2004-12-20 11:21:03 ET

LOL it's a .50 nuff said

prolly a phallic thing

2004-12-20 12:24:27 ET

or that

although the .44 is cheaper, the DE in .50 is what its known for, which is why I'd probably buy it, maybe make it a show piece and get a .44 for actual shooting. don't know though

2004-12-20 15:53:04 ET

<southern accent> propane and propane accessories

2004-12-21 04:41:44 ET

yeah the .50 is a show piece... or somtehing you use to kill people wearing body armor.... of course... it's the blunt trauma that kills them not the penetration

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