Anomalism 1-15.05
2005-01-15 08:11:50 ET

Last night I finnished installing the wood burning stove I brought back from Cinci. Now all that remains is to build a fire and see if I did well or the house fills with smoke (wish me luck).
Tomorrow Severity and I go down to Cinci to start moving the parents to AZ so I will be gone for at least a week, possibly more. This will be an adventure I'm sure.

2005-01-15 08:32:35 ET

Cinci to Arizona, thats quite a change.

2005-01-15 08:35:15 ET

not tucson, i hope.

2005-01-15 08:55:10 ET

It is unfortunate that Severity does not have the appropriate experince to assist in the driving part of the journey.
For a road trip that long it would be my prefence to timeshare the time behind the wheel.
that truck doesn't have power seats he can play with, does it?

2005-01-15 09:57:44 ET

Girl-They have always been adventurous and like to travel. They have been preparing for some years for the move and you're right it is a radical change of environment.
rev-The place is called Safford and I think it is pretty far west and south in the state.
Doctor Hexagon- Awsome!!! you are here, everybody welcome my first born to SK, he is currently serving our country in the navy and I am exceedingly proud of him. Oh and I hope the vehicle does have that feature if only for the entertainment value.

2005-01-15 09:58:17 ET

Are you going to be in the Phx area? Can't remember if I already asked you.

2005-01-15 10:03:59 ET

strange-I gotta find an atlas, I think they plan a southern route to avoid the mountains in Ark but I can't remember the roads.

2005-01-15 10:13:03 ET


2005-01-15 10:31:38 ET

sadly enough, i know safford. i was kicked out of the town once upon a time ago.

2005-01-15 10:43:33 ET

sounds like fun times...
good luck (:

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