Anomalism 2-05.5 part 2
2005-02-05 17:34:17 ET

In weapon news I got the repaired (welded) claw extractor for my Hakim back, filed it to shape and installed it. We will test fire it tomorrow. The Egyptian Hakim is a magazine fed semiauto rifle based on a Swiss design and is chambered in 8mm mauser (7.92x57mm). The 8mm is a very powerfull round that will put a hole through a pickup truck brake rotor(cuz I did it ) and will kill the hell out of old refrigeraters and water heaters. heh
Also I test fired my Turkish mauser (also 8mm) yesterday with some surplussed Turkish ammo. How often do you get to shoot a historical weapon and do it with historical ammo? Got a lot of missfires, (could be why it was surplussed huh). Took the bolt apart and cleaned the sand out and will test it again tomorrow.

2005-02-06 11:29:46 ET


i now have a strong desire to shoot a hole in a pickup.

2005-02-07 03:13:20 ET

Shooting holes in paper is fun and chalanging, but destroying stuff with bullets is awsome.

2005-02-07 14:33:38 ET

It resembles an SKS at least superficially.

2005-02-07 15:23:29 ET

It does a little but its the size of an M14. As a semi auto I think I prefer the SKS to the AK, they seem more solid.

2005-02-07 16:31:34 ET

Indeed they are. The SKS is the superior weapon. I especially want one of these kits :

Although I figure it's more than the firearm itself.

2005-02-07 17:00:06 ET

That is indeed the most impressive version I've seen and that includes the bullpup AKs.

2005-02-08 06:57:12 ET

I have heard bad things about the bullpup AKs triggers, but not one bad thing about this gem. Time and savings will tell.

2005-02-08 08:46:36 ET

I think the SKS definatly falls into the catagory of best bang for the buck for all the right reasons, and the availibility of surplus ammo makes it the ultimate plinker as well. The idea of getting a 22 even a well made one so I can shoot more and have less fun for the money has never appealed to me. I view plinking and serious target practice as the same caliber. I don't have an SKS yet of my own but my wife has one and she lets me play with it sometimes.

2005-02-09 05:14:04 ET

... isn't that ammo a touch expensive?

2005-02-09 08:28:31 ET

I'm about to but 1000 rnds for $45, which is more than 22s but the fun facter more than makes up for it.

2005-02-09 08:30:02 ET

oh thats not bad. esp for the power hehe

2005-02-09 08:39:30 ET

7.62x54r is going for 437 for 440 rnds. Pistol ammo is more, $122 for 1000 45s, $90 for 1000 9mm.

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