Anomalism 2-28.05
2005-02-28 07:19:22 ET

I added some text to the web page so as to give a better idea what you are looking at. Still don't have the semi finnished pics ready.
Went to cut down another dead tree for fire wood as we were almost out. Actualy 2 dead trees but it quickly turned into 5 trees as tree 1 (60 feet tall all of them)leaned into tree 3 and would not drop. And then tree 2 then leaned into tree 4 and did the same. This necessitated the not desired cutting of trees 3, 4. Trees 1,3 droped nicely but 2,4 leaned over into huge dead tree 5 and would not drop. So guess what! Oh yes huge dead tree 5 had to be cut as well. This did finaly bring them down with a very satisfying THUDD in a relativly convenient spot for way a lot of splitting and carrying. Result! I now have about 3 tons of fire wood to split and move. Oh Joy!

2005-02-28 07:48:04 ET

bleh. do you do this old school or do you have a chainsaw and splitter?

2005-02-28 08:10:23 ET

I have a chain saw but I split with axes.

2005-02-28 08:20:14 ET

Nice place, man!

2005-02-28 08:28:32 ET

wow that is a nice house. musta been a great deal too hehe

when the time comes you could make a nice profit but.... you're not really planning on selling this are you?

2005-02-28 08:39:23 ET

I miss that house.
Hopefully I will be able to take leave this summer or in autumn.

2005-02-28 10:30:37 ET

Whoa, nice house!

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