Anomalism I saw !
2005-04-07 01:00:19 ET

I saw a red fox at work yesterday. We've been working spring cleanup at Progressive insurance and apparently this fox just sort of lives on the grounds there. He is casual as can be and doesn't seem to mind people at all, he just came walking down the steps and sontered by, stopped sat down and looked at me for a minute then went over in the junnipers and took a knap. Cool huh!

2005-04-07 05:04:33 ET

I want a pet fox, that'd be sweet!

2005-04-07 05:53:08 ET

i want a pet black bear, that would be so awesome.

2005-04-07 06:43:54 ET

hehehe thats cool.

2005-04-07 06:44:37 ET

Awesome, you should tame him and make him to rediculous tricks.

2005-04-07 13:09:59 ET

I've never heard about whether foxes make good pets or not, but taming an adult wouldn't be very successful methinks.
Maybe if you nabbed some pups or something that would work but you never know. It would be an interesting expirament.

I wouldn't mind seeing what having a pet crow would be like. Though I'm not particularly fond of birds as pets I do like crows a lot.

2005-04-07 13:20:54 ET

I grew up with cows and I really want one as a pet.

2005-04-07 13:25:19 ET

That would be interesting, though maybe less interactive.

2005-04-07 14:07:23 ET

free milk

2005-04-07 14:30:22 ET

I was thinking slaughterhouse, lol. ;-P

2005-04-07 14:56:26 ET

Free steak.... *drools*

2005-04-07 15:05:27 ET

my sis has the grill! it's a propane one too, yummy...

2005-04-07 15:41:53 ET

We could name the cow "cabob"

2005-04-07 15:43:27 ET

I work with a girl who raised two steers named Burger and Steak.

2005-04-07 16:52:22 ET

A long time ago we thought about buying a calf and raising it to slaughter. We realized that we would have ended up with a pet steer for 20 years. ;)

2005-04-07 17:25:28 ET

I think that happens alot, and I can't say that I would be immune to it myself.

2005-04-08 05:17:14 ET

i want a pet skunk

2005-04-08 13:55:31 ET

I've had a pet skunk before, they are great! Very gentle, very sweet and they will use a litter box.

2005-04-11 05:11:26 ET

no frickin way!!!!!! thats SO AWESOME

2005-04-11 05:58:59 ET

Did the skunk still have the stink glands as a pet? (I don't know much about skunks)

2005-04-11 14:36:21 ET

My fiance and I were contemplating getting a pet skunk actually. Sounds like a very anti-theft pet.

2005-04-11 14:39:48 ET

I think that as long as you don't intentionally scare them they won't spray.

2005-04-13 12:46:30 ET

Yes she did still have them. She only ever sprayed twice and it was a dog both times. She never even threatened to spray me. Her name was Shadow and she was a very cool pet, caught wild as a baby and raised her myself.

2005-04-13 16:44:24 ET


That's all I have to say about that...

2005-04-13 16:48:50 ET

Anomalous! I'm going to get a pet skunk! It'll be cool!
Wait...Maybe I shouldn't I would want to be able to be very social with them and since I run the risk of not being at home for up to 9 months at a time, maybe I should hold out on that one.

2005-04-14 13:40:36 ET

I'll keep an eye out.

2005-04-14 13:42:45 ET

Foxes are cute!

2005-04-14 13:46:13 ET

This fox that hangs out at Progressive insurance is big for a fox and very shagy(proly winter coat).

2005-04-20 11:18:26 ET

shaggy = between coats.


Dr Hexagon = bandwidth assassin

2005-05-12 05:36:16 ET

sub: At least Hex linked from somewhere other than sk.

Foxes are neat, but like all wild animals, suseptable to rabies, as well as dozens of parasites.

Remember boys and girls, wild animals are called wild for a reason. True domestication only occurs after successful breeding of captive animals, generation after generation. The domestication of dogs did not happen overnight.

It's generally bad form to scoop up animals out of the wild for a pet. Obviously, exceptions to every rule. I grew up with a racoon as a pet. Raised from a baby, his mother killed while crossing a road.

2005-05-12 17:36:43 ET

Been there done that.

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