Anomalism 5-11 .5 Panda biscuits
2005-05-11 18:00:43 ET

I'm sitting hear eating panda biscuits and drinking beer and watching Omega Doom on my pc. I can hardly believe it, I actualy found some else who collects skulls. And oddly enough she is from OH as well, she is Dwarf Star. I'm mostly just listening to the film. It has what I think is an awsome sound track which is not availible seperatly. Question, Can just the music be ripped from a dvd and put on a cd?

2005-05-11 20:46:50 ET

Skulls are awesome. When I lived on a farm, I would fine cow skeletons alot. I took a skull from one and put it on the hood of my mothers car. She was not still had some fur on it...

2005-05-12 05:29:15 ET

Anom, I think you can rip it, but it'd be a huge file size. that and I don't know where to begin when it comes to ripping music from a dvd

2005-05-12 14:10:35 ET

You can rip it, but I don't know of any program for Windows that'll do it. Have a google for "DVD Ripping", I'm sure it'll turn up a bunch of stuff. Or search for it.

If you're planning to put it in straight CDDA (ie. a normal audio CD anything can play) it'll be ~1 CD for every hours audio.

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