Anomalism 5-15.5 Happy green
2005-05-15 05:08:53 ET

It is a beautiful bright clear morning. The trees have finaly leafed out and are showing that very happy glowing green that you only see in the spring. I will have to cut the grass today, it will be the second time for my new old mower. (a 10 year old 48" comercial walk behind I bought out of the bone yard at work) The thing sat in the weather for a year before I got it for $500, they cost $4000 new. While I'm at the mowing thing I think I will bush hog at my beard. The tails seen in my pics have been shortened, they were getting out of control. They are still downward spikes but at a more managable length.
Had another shoosting event last sunday. Dropper brought over a black and white dog puppet and I put up the bad radiator that I pulled out of the jeep. We mcBlasted till we ran out of ammo. My Argentine .45 realy likes puppets, at 27yds I could not seem to miss. Every shot got a puff of stuffing(and one of the ears). It was cool but odd none of the other guns were so dangerous to puppets. We also got out my wifes SKS and put 35 rnds into a 30 rnd mag and proceeded to make it sizzle(only minor burns). Then it got silly, we got out the old single shot 20 gauge and started shooting it one handed. I did it getto style, (gun held high turned side ways) pretty damn funny done with a shot gun.

2005-05-15 06:08:42 ET

ghetto style actually came about from soldiers having to shoot while wearing gasmasks. if you'd like an additional 30 round mag for the sks, i've got one i'm not using. unfortunately.

2005-05-15 12:26:04 ET

I watched Secondhand Lions the other day, and there was a scene where Michael Caine and Robert Duvall were standing in a pond shooting fish with their shotguns. I thought of you when I saw it :-)

2005-05-15 13:41:28 ET

I do plan to get another SKS this year, very enjoyable weapons they are. I need to find some side jobs os I can generate gun money cuz right now I'm bout outa ammo.
Statistic= I actualy have thought about doing that, may have to try it out now.

2005-05-15 15:19:14 ET

you have a big 5 nearby? their ammo is rather expensive, but their weaps are dirt cheap. i picked up a yugo sks m59/66 for about 100 bucks.

2005-05-16 00:53:32 ET

I'm in Ohio, we have gun shows at area fair grounds almost every week. Thats what I paid for the one I gave my wife for sweetis day. I can get 1000 .45s for $135 from and they are located in canton about 50 miles away, so prices are good here. Spring is very lean this year cuz we just bought this big house and in my field I don't work in winter.

2005-05-16 05:45:24 ET

ok anomalous I have a gun question for you.

I want 3 guns. a Pistol, a Rifle, and a Shotgun (pump). that I could basically bury in the mud, rinse off, and fire (not literally but I'm looking for durable here) Preferably with cheap, common ammo.

any reccomendations?

so far the Reccomendations are
a 1911 (legitimate colt or springfield)
a Car-15 (olympic arms or colt)
A Mossberg 590 or any flavor of Remington

2005-05-16 12:56:43 ET

nobody's recommended an ak47?

2005-05-16 18:30:47 ET

SubSonic= On the pistol it depends what caliber you like. If you like 9mm I recomend CZ 75 probably the best combat handgun in the world, best bang for the buck in a new gun. tough to find used cuz people don't let go of them,$100/1000 rounds, gun costs around $400. If you like .45 the argentine Ballester Molina is a straight 1911 copy built on colt machinery $250 or so surplused from Argentine military, good shooters, I'm very fond of mine. Rifle= there I actualy prefer the SKS over the AK47, it is cheaper and uses the same ammo. Both are very good guns, $100 vs $300. Shotgun= the Mossberg 590 is I think the one to have, my son Severity has one and my other son DrHexagon plans to buy 2-3 of them.

2005-05-17 05:26:20 ET

rev- people have recommended the AK but more recommend the CAR cause its an AR-15 knockoff and NATO ammo is readily available in the states.

hmmm so the ballester IS a 1911 it's just built in Argentina? interchangeable replacement parts and all? for $250 that sounds sweet. I gotta do some shooting before I decide though

ok Mossberg it is. with bayonet =p

I'll look into the SKS. I've heard good things about it.

See the odd thing here is I've been invited to join the kind folks at Cavalry Arms in a 3 gun shooting competition, free of charge, in October. even though I don't own a gun, and they know that. I'm not gonna pass it up though. they MAKE guns and "Have a pile of R&D stuff they can sell at a discount"

2005-05-17 16:07:31 ET

7.62x39mm is available damned near anywhere in the states. hell, even at my local hole-in-the-wall range, i can pick between wolf, russian mil-spec, and remington for brands. i can get soft-tip, fmj, hp, or fmj-hp. and the ammo is cheap as hell.

2005-05-18 05:15:54 ET

hmmmm interesting.

2005-05-18 18:02:06 ET

Unfortunatly our AR designs are not as dependable as the SKS and AKs. Thats why the miliatry is looking for a replacement weapon system. Special forces people in particular are not happy with the ARs or the 223 ballistics and are testing new weapons like XM8, and FN SCAR.

2005-05-20 05:34:53 ET

I heard the XM8 was junk.

2005-05-20 11:11:57 ET

from what i've seen of it, xm8 looks to be a damned fine weapon. versatile as hell. heh. i seem to remember having this same conversation with the pima county sheriff.

2005-05-20 19:16:21 ET

An xm8 fired 15000 consecutive rounds with out a cleaning and had no jams, and 400 rounds in 5 minutes with no cook offs. I'll take it over an AR every day.

2005-05-23 05:44:08 ET

wow I guess the concerns voiced WERE from over the summer last year. perhaps that program has come further

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