Anomalism 10-8.5
2005-10-08 15:48:52 ET

I and the lovely Mrs Anomalous picked up DrHexagon at the air port this morning. We get him for two weeks before he goes back to the ship. Its good to have him home again. I think he is taller than me now.
Also the hardwood floor for the down stairs has arrived, now I have to learn haw to install it. This will be an adventure.

2005-10-08 23:23:05 ET

Glad he's home safe. Good luck with the flooring.

2005-10-09 12:20:42 ET

i love hardwood floors

2005-10-09 20:39:29 ET

Glad he's home but wish it could be longer for you.

oooh, hardwood floors. Ask Lady A. if I could borrow you, just for hme improvement purposes. I have another grandson on the way.

2005-10-10 21:50:40 ET

yay on the offspring visit.

take pics of the floor! You'll do a great job.

Kahty, I want grand kids too! Um, guess I better get cracking on that having offspring myself thing. :D

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