Anomalism 11-12.5 Mouse stuff.
2005-11-12 04:45:54 ET

I have this cat named Mouse, (I had a snapping turtle named fluffy once),and being a cat she is subject to eccentric behavier. She likes to play with little mouse toys made of real skin and fur (I think rabbit). She will bring it to you and want you to throw it for her so she can chase it. She'll keep bringing it back for another toss untill she gets tired or disstracted. Then she take it over to the water dish and drops it in for a float. We don't know why she sees the water bowl as a good place to store her toys but there it is. So the punch line is that the other morning I stagger in to make a pot of coffee and I glance down at the dish. Yep there's a mouse floatin belly up, apparently she had during the night caught a real one and of course played with it till it broke. I can see her thinking "Oh gee its broke what to do now? I remember! unused toys go in the water bowl, I'll do that". How do they come up with these quirks? I mean whats the origin of that behavier? So what wierd stuff does your cat do?

2005-11-12 05:03:04 ET

eat rabbits. and just the normal other weird cat stuff

2005-11-12 05:14:19 ET

One of the bunch, Priss, will do the exact same thing. Although she hasn't caught a real one yet.

2005-11-12 06:37:48 ET

KL= Now that is interesting its not just mine then.

SPG= My dad had a big yellow tabby that would catch rabbits instead of mice, it was a hoot to watch.

2005-11-12 08:03:18 ET

It could be some primitive instinct from before they were domesticated?

2005-11-14 07:35:20 ET

A clean rat is a yummy rat

2005-11-14 16:01:53 ET

As long as its still crunchy.

2005-11-25 07:11:42 ET

my cat does that exact same thing! :-O

2005-11-25 07:55:11 ET

Mine does too. Except my cat stores all types of things in his bowl, not just his toys. On a typical day, I find loose socks, pieces of paper, and pens. Once I found my checkbook in it.

2005-11-25 11:50:57 ET

Now that is creative!

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