Anomalism 1-7.6 I'm a little concerned
2006-01-07 10:17:11 ET

"Blitzkeg" has vanished from SK and I don't know why. I don't remember him saying anything about leaving. ????? :(

2006-01-07 10:23:11 ET

he's on my-space now. wanted to devote more time to his music.
i am sad to have seen him go.

2006-01-07 10:33:35 ET

Devote more time to music? how much time does SK take? o_0

2006-01-07 10:41:35 ET

I have been avoiding my-space I spose I'll have to check it out now.

2006-01-07 10:43:39 ET

MySpace is the devil. MyMusic not so much

But MySpace is like LiveJournal only it lets the pedos stalk by zip code.

2006-01-07 10:49:43 ET

Thats a dissapointment.

2006-01-07 13:49:19 ET

yeah. I will admit that it does have certian usefullness for keeping groups organised though. Ie the whole 9th grade of a school can be on there and receive notes about whatever.

2006-01-09 20:34:12 ET

myspace is good for a sideline addition to sk only, and for networking and easy access to those not on sk d-:

sk is far superior, though

2006-01-09 20:36:30 ET


2006-01-10 16:19:38 ET

if anyone want's to get a hold of BlitzKREG, he asked me to post this for him...

2006-01-10 17:11:32 ET

hmmm but his myspace apparently isnt registered under that email...where is he on myspace, anyway?

2006-01-10 21:14:56 ET

under his band "cartridges for weapons"

2006-01-10 21:17:52 ET


2006-01-10 21:22:25 ET

check the above edit

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