Anomalism 1-10.61 Today is my Birthday!
2006-01-10 08:48:46 ET

I now have the same age as the number of the caliber of my favorite hand gun.
I should go out and plug something to celebrate

2006-01-10 08:53:48 ET

Happy birthday!

2006-01-10 08:54:04 ET

Happy Birthday :)

2006-01-10 08:54:05 ET

nice gun

2006-01-10 09:01:06 ET

Wow that was quick! Twas but mere moments ago that I typed it.
Thank you very much!

2006-01-10 09:01:23 ET

Im just fillin up your comment fourm :)


Your personal ruling planets are Saturn and the Sun.

The sun is amplified on the day of your birth so the solar vibrations within you are very strong resulting in a high degree of energy and excellent health. Your recuperative powers are strong as are your creative and communicative faculties. Ten is considered the "Wheel of Fortune" and so success is simply a matter of time in your case.

An important point to note, however, is though you may have a strong desire to help others in their successes, you may not always find their help reciprocated. Generally others outside your own family circle will treat you better than your own kith and kin.

This planet and its energy may swing you either positively or negatively and so you have a great responsibility to handle your inner power with dignity.

Your lucky colours are copper and gold.

Your lucky gem is Ruby.

Your lucky days of the week are Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 1, 10, 19, 28, 37,46,55,64,73 and 82.

Famous people born on your birthday include Ray Bolger, Gisele Mackenzie, Sal Mineo, George Foreman and Zoe Tay.

2006-01-10 09:18:19 ET

gift= I see from your bio that you are Cherokee. I am also a very small part Cherokee, not enough to claim any sort of status but I'm proud of it just the same.

2006-01-10 09:46:17 ET

3/4 father was 1/2 french-1/2 cherokee
my mother however is full

I still have family on Qualla Boundry in western NC (bless their hearts)

2006-01-10 10:30:02 ET

Happy Birthday! <3

2006-01-10 11:10:52 ET

Happy birthday wheeee.

2006-01-10 11:52:07 ET

Happy birthday

2006-01-10 12:28:39 ET

nice gun! happy birthday

2006-01-10 13:39:27 ET

Happy happy birthday

2006-01-10 18:42:18 ET

Happy birthday... unfortunately, turtles don't even live to the caliber of my favorite gun. Not a gun owner at this time, but I do love going shooting.

2006-01-11 05:06:48 ET

Happy Birthday, and what a way to celebrate. Go postal!

2006-01-14 09:07:25 ET

I know I'm late... but happy birthday!! :-)

2006-01-14 13:18:28 ET

Thank you!

2006-01-27 03:41:47 ET


2006-01-27 07:12:19 ET

Wish I could afford one! The Balister cost me $250 and so far is accurate out to 100yds. My older son DrHexagon is planning to get one though

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