Anomalism 01-27.6 Funny the things we memorize.
2006-01-27 03:29:49 ET

I guess (what do I mean guess, I know) I am a serious trek geek. So much so that I can walk in on the middle of any episode of the origonal series, look at any scene even walking down the hall not saying a word and tell you the episode in 3 seconds. And I don't even watch them anymore. As an example, I was walking down my hallway and Severity was watching a tape, I heard 3 words of diologue " opportunities are made", I told him the episode before I reached his door. He called me a bastard. Of course if I don't get it in 3 seconds he calls me a failure as a human being.
I've been a vorasious consumer of scifi as long as I can remember and was watching trek "first run" along with "Outer Limits", "The Invaders",Lost In Space", "Johnny Quest", "Marine Boy" and "UltraMan" Has any one but me ever seen the film "H Man" ? What realy obscure scifi have you seen? I hope I've missed some.

2006-01-27 03:39:10 ET

Also today we begin installing the hard wood floor in the front room. We did the living room last weekend and have been all week preping , repairing, and leveling the sub floor so it will be smooth enough to put the rest of the wood down. So far it has turned out better than we thought and we are all excited about finaly have ALL the floors in, (we have lived in the house a year and a half now). Next I start on the interior trim, but I'll have to do it evenings and weekends because they called me back to work way early this year ,(I start monday as the equipment maint guru).

2006-01-27 05:02:59 ET

I can do they same thing with trek too, though it takes me a few seconds longer. When I was a kid, I memorized an entire episode of the X-Files and recited it during a re-run to my parents annoyence. So consider yourself one of the chosen few.

2006-01-27 05:58:05 ET

i can hear a moan from any hanson song and tell u what song it is based purely on the moan....yeah im sad lol...

i know its not as impressive but hey

2006-01-27 10:48:40 ET

wow eh, thats something, I like program but never became that involved, just like all the spoofy stuff too, that comedians write or parody humour in anything.
I can not recognize anything by 3 secs umm unless your my family member, yup that about it, oh and the smell of food.

2006-01-27 13:21:54 ET

Trek spoof can be so damn funny! gotta love it.

2006-02-02 09:56:16 ET

especially Eddie Murphy's old stuff on Captain Kirk humping blue women to that funky trek music.

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