Anomalism 5-14.6 Damn campers!
2006-05-14 16:08:57 ET

Spent most of the day up on the cliff at way point echo with the Anomalous security force (Lady Anomalous, Dr Hexagon, Severity) stringing barbwire fence to keep the twits from the park and campground of My land. Trouble is that they don't know or don't care that they are out of the park when they wander the cliff top to the old quary to get high. We are hopefull that old rusty cattle fence lace with libral amounts of coiled barbwire and many no tresspassing signs will deter them.

2006-05-14 17:43:40 ET

and if it doesn't, start laying traps!

2006-05-14 17:45:11 ET


2006-05-14 19:55:39 ET

a few bouncing betties should get the message across. maybe a decayed head or two on a pike.

2006-05-14 21:16:04 ET


2006-05-14 21:39:03 ET

barbwire is NOT my friend...

2006-05-14 21:40:45 ET

"i put barbed wire in my pants and do a celtic dance"

2006-05-14 21:43:16 ET

You haven't lived until you've had both your legs stuck in a barbed wire the same time.

2006-05-14 21:44:58 ET

that does not sound fun. i was just quoting primus ;-P

2006-05-14 21:46:32 ET


That actually involved cutting me out of the fence. That pair of pants was never the same again..

2006-05-14 21:53:41 ET

that would just be all kinds of suck >_<

2006-05-14 21:53:52 ET

how did you get into this mess in the first place? d-:

2006-05-14 21:55:31 ET

It involved me falling into the fence, the fence BENDING and then kind of collapsing, and me being wrapped in barbed wire...


2006-05-14 21:56:40 ET

...and why were you on top of a barbed wire fence?

2006-05-14 21:57:09 ET

No! I fell BACKWARDS into the fence.

2006-05-14 21:59:02 ET


/me makes mental note to never stand with my back to the top of a barbed wire fence.

2006-05-14 21:59:38 ET

I was moving away from a cow...

2006-05-14 22:00:59 ET

holy shit.

this story just keeps getting worse and better at the same time ;-P

2006-05-14 22:03:33 ET

Those that know me know that this is but ONE in a life of stories like this.

2006-05-14 22:04:10 ET

i don't know if that makes you lucky or unlucky ;-P


2006-05-14 22:05:40 ET

It makes me...

someone that lots of people don't like being around :P

2006-05-14 22:06:47 ET

or lots of cows...

2006-05-14 22:08:48 ET

No, the cows all liked me. I was just worried about being shit on, and that's what caused the ENTIRE problem.

Fortunately my cousin has strong wire cutters...

2006-05-14 22:20:07 ET


2006-05-18 15:39:45 ET

I hope it works out for you. Barbwire is scary.

2006-06-05 17:02:50 ET


Land mines. That'll stop em. :D

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