Anomalism 8-5.6 A Spider Story
2006-08-05 07:23:49 ET

Sometimes whenI am out working I happen across wild flowers which I sometimes cut and bring home for Mrs Anomalous. This I did on tuesday last (wild pea flowers) and put them in my lunch box to prevent them being damaged till I get them home. So later at the end of the day I was filling out some paper work in the tech room at the shop and being harrssed by flys which, Has anybody noticed how fly species become more anoying the hotter it gets? Anyway my lunch box is sitting on the table open from when moments go I was searching for the penn I keep in it. And I see one of the flys go in. So I go to chase it out and close the box. I looked in and the fly in the fly in the box problen had already been solved by a small green crab spider who had caught and was eating the still twitching fly. It was a gratifying sight, so I closed the box so as not to disturb its meal and later turned it loose on my Hastas in front of my house. Gotta love having alies in the bug world.

2006-08-05 10:08:02 ET


2006-08-06 12:17:44 ET

Cool. Speaking of allies in the bug world I caught a praying mantis at ozzfest yesterday. It was a very young one with a lot of energy. Usually mantids are somewhat slow but this one was quite fleet and jumped around a lot.

Oh yea, ozzfest was cool too.

2006-08-18 16:50:28 ET

I brought my lunch box home recently with no less than ten rescued mantids, all american mantids , nine green and a blond.

2006-09-23 09:05:58 ET

i would have smashed all of the bugs. either that or if i was close to a window i'd just toss out everything out the window.... and yes flies are annoying

2006-09-23 17:47:51 ET

But mantids are so cool. They seem to have more personality than any other bug.

2006-09-23 18:39:01 ET

mmmm... i dunno.... expressionless creatures don't fly with me

2006-09-24 05:40:54 ET

Have you ever gazed into the face of a mantid?

2006-09-24 18:43:27 ET

nope and i dont plan on it either

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