Anomalism 01-01.7 another planetary orbit behind
2007-01-10 08:24:40 ET

I am now more than half way to the next level of untrustable, (that by the way we don't have a name for yet), 16,801.4 planetery rotations I have seen. I don't have a bullistic caliber to associate with this one. I'll have to shoot something to celebrate anyway.
Winter is finaly pretending to be here and we are in our secound day of snow. Severity just pulled in to the driveway early so the gun club must be slow. Maybe I'll run up to the nearest ammo wholesaler and get some thousands of rounds of projectile joy, surplussed from some of our formerly communist, now friend countries. Com block weapons are cheap to buy, cheap to feed (comparitivly) and oh so much fun to have laying around the house.
Of a curiosity are any of you have an unusualy snowy/not snowy winter so far?

2007-01-10 08:32:37 ET

We're having an unusually snowy winter. Usually we get one thing of snow a year, and so far this winter we've had 3. It's very strange, because it's not usually this cold.

2007-01-10 08:46:43 ET

you'd never think that a ak47(romanian) only costs around $250.

2007-01-10 08:58:24 ET

Not a lick of snow here. Course, we usually only get one a year anyway.

2007-01-10 09:58:49 ET

I would have to say not-snowy.

I've heard of people building AK clones for less than $200.

2007-01-10 11:24:25 ET

Saw a truck load of the "parts kits" as they are called at gun shows, this past weekend. They look as though they had been fed into a giant bolt cutter.

2007-01-10 12:07:30 ET

For those who build like this, I think cleaning up the parts is half the fun.

2007-01-10 14:54:23 ET

it may snow tomorrow or friday over here. apparently its going to be unusually cold and raining so we may be lucky! i'm sick of this dry weather. i'm like a giant static fuzz ball that gets shocked every minute or so to anything that i touch, a chair, a table, the door ANYTHING! so i cant wait for some humidity and wetness.

2007-01-10 16:22:29 ET

eh, nothing's too unusual in los angeles...although it has been rather uncharacteristically cold some nights, even for winter.

2007-01-10 17:47:21 ET

So it is as I thought. My normal winter weather has been happening elsewhere, and I have been having some one elses weather. thrax I have your humidity and Turbo has my cold.
I,m a generous sort so I will happily return moisture to thrax, and Turbo you can hang on to that coldness for a while yet. That leaves me with the warm and the dry. It'll be tough but I'll suffer through it.

2007-01-10 17:52:55 ET

Truly though it is very clear here tonight, no moon. So the stars are all out. There is nothing quite like looking up at night and seeing, actualy seeing your galaxy across the sky.

2007-01-10 18:01:08 ET

yeah...i love the way the edge of the milky way looks on a clear night...

2007-01-10 18:31:11 ET

huskarl I have one of these which is very cool except that it shoots a 5" group at 30' and some hit sideways. I figure that the barrel is mostly toast but the rest is still workable. I've been experimenting on the barrel in an effrt to improve accurracy and also my understanding of what makes a bullet fly straight. I first tried counter boring the barrel end to freshen the crown, no joy. Next I cut the barrel 1.5" back from the muzzle brake and recrowned it, some improvement, (2.5" group). It may all be for not but the tinkering is fun.

2007-01-11 09:58:25 ET

Happy Birfday! ( am I the only one that understood the signifigance or counting planetary rotations? )

Unusually not snowy thus far and abnormally warm until today where we returned to average.

I cannot view that link from work. but what is it?

2007-01-11 13:18:47 ET

It is a Hakim battle rifle, which is an Egyptian semi auto, chambered in 8mm mauser. Beastly fun to shoot, even more so if I can get it to shoot straight.

2007-01-11 15:37:05 ET

7.92x57... sounds uncommon but it must pack a wallop!

2007-01-11 16:11:17 ET

being semi auto they don't recoil bad compared to a bolt action,butt a straight copper jacketed lead bullet from this thing will punch through a 1/2" cast (steel) rotor hub on your car. I use that as an example because we always try to have something substantial to blast cuz shootin is more fun when ya break stuff.
Cool thing about milsurps is yea they aren't all that common but they aren't all that spensive nither.

2007-01-11 16:54:49 ET

hahaha sensible!

2007-01-19 05:18:11 ET

Happy Belated Birthday you Olde Pharte! :D

hmmm...we do have to come up with a name for the next stage of Untrustability. :)

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