Anomalism 01-19.7 Bugger that was hard!
2007-01-19 03:38:10 ET

It has finaly turned into winter! It has been snowing alot this week and is again today. Yesterday Severity and I went up on top the cliff in the back yard and started cutting up a couple of windfall trees for fire wood. The main tree is a BIG beech that when it fell over knocked down another dead tree. The plan was to cut them into sections and carry them to the edge of the cliff and toss em down. Simple enough cept that the tree is 60 yards back in the woods from the cliff and then 30-40 more from the foot of the cliff to where we cut and split. I ran 3 tanks of fuel through the chain saw before it broke down. then we started draging the stuff through the woods over rough ground to the edge. 3hours later we are beat to the point of staggering and come down for the day. I look at the pile weve made on the way to the house and for all our effort it realy looks pitiful compared to whats left. Needless to say we have all the fire wood we'll need for the winter but, bugger what a job its gonna be. At least none of it is elm this time, that stuff is a nightmare to split and all we have is axes.

2007-01-19 05:19:15 ET

*swoons at all the rugged manliness*

Fires are wonderful. Hopefully it will get cold enough here to build one.

2007-01-19 06:49:52 ET

Should make for agood burn then. Too bad I'm not around to help. Would make for some decent excersize.

2007-01-20 13:38:13 ET

sounds like a hell of a workout.

I love seeing results of my efforts so this sounds like fun

2007-01-20 18:49:19 ET

It will be gratifying and something of a relief to see enough fire wood to finnish out the winter stacked on the porch, especially since it is my only source of heat.

2007-01-22 07:52:39 ET

OMG unrealated: Did you borrow 'foopid' from me? I feel so honored.

2007-01-22 12:52:52 ET

I sure did its a great word. There's another one that I should proly put up there thats a favorite of severity's. I first saw it at in dina's journal. It's "fuctard".

2007-01-23 05:13:54 ET

lol sweet!

2007-01-23 06:42:23 ET

fucktard is an excellent word.

right up there with asshat and shithat.

2007-01-28 16:59:51 ET

ass ratchet is a personal fave of mine. lol

2007-01-28 17:11:32 ET

That's a new one to me.

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