Anomalism 4-22.7 The perimeter is nearly secure.
2007-04-22 17:56:54 ET

We finaly got the fence up around the back yard upper level. Now if the campers want to fall off a cliff they will have to fall off ome one else's. The barb wire and the dangerous cliff edge gate are yet to be installed, but the main part is done. E.Z. the diesel cat, and Calipider, two of the outside cats came up with us to hang out and watch. They didn't see when we came back down so I had to go back up and call them down for dinner. Also the warm weather is finaly here and I start mowing on monday. No more spring cleanup and mulching for me. It looks to be a good season and I am doing work I enjoy.

2007-04-22 18:27:28 ET

Excellent work, though this will make scaring away the hippies and other campers away more difficult as there will be fewer around.

2007-04-23 05:39:53 ET

You have a cliff? I want a cliff!

2007-04-23 17:49:09 ET

I have a thirty ft cliff or escarpment that cuts right through the middle of the property, complete with caves and secret passeges. Mrs Anomalous and I will often just stare at it and marvel that we get to live here. I will have to try to upload some pics soon.
Kazaron= Severity and I were thinking of hanging various road kill carcuses on the fence to realy drive home the point.

2007-04-24 10:16:36 ET

Put a hog's head on a steak like in Lord of the Flies out there. That would be sweet.

2007-04-24 11:01:37 ET

Sounds like a plan. But the Doctor prescribes scary militia men patrolling the fences and waiting in trees ready to rappel down at the slightest sign of intruders.

2007-04-24 16:49:22 ET

Kazaron= the guy at the beer store says he has the half gallon Jameson now.
Statistic= I definately need a pig skull for the skull collection, I have a havalena but its nearly fossilized.

2007-04-25 02:11:35 ET

Cool, but I still don't drink.
I had one (1) shot about 2 days ago when I was gaming with a couple of my buddies and that was it. That racks up a grand total of 1 ounce of Jameson, and 12 ounces of Bass over the last 4.5 months.

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