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2007-06-03 19:04:25 ET

On memorial day Mrs Anomalous and I had Jim and wife Diana over for a cookout and shooting spree. My sons Hexagon and Severity had two of thier friends over as well. We had lots of ammo and lots of beer cans to shoot and we did commence to have a very bullistic good time. We had to set out a card table and some lawn chairs(I don't have a patio yet). We had about 14 handguns and a couple carbines, it was like having a party tray of weapons. Everyone was invited to sample every gun and have a good time. We started shooting about 2:00 and every one was happy til about 4:00 when we out of the blue heard a male voice screaming down from the top of the cliff to the left of the target area about how we had better stop lighting off fireworks right now because its illegal! Now at this we were all like ??????wth????is this guy for real???. He continued with "You have to stop setting off fireworks right now your scaring my kids and I'm telling you to stop it right now it's illegal" Now there are so many things wrong with this its hard to put them in sequence. One= they are firearms not fireworks, how he could mistake that is almost incomprehensible. Two= the place where he is standing is next to my barbwire fence and several of the 20 "NO TRESSPASSING" signs that are up there. Three= the park is more thwn 200 yards to the south through the woods, so that he had tresspassed across other peoples private property to get to mine so he could tell me that I can't do something that I am in fact not doing at all. So we began to shout back to him that HE is a tresspasser and this is private property and these are FIREARMS and he needs to go back to the park now period. Hexagon and I started up the trail to get a look at this nut bag but when we got there he had dissapeered. So we when back down and started shooting again, no big deal right? About fifteen minutes later he shows up in the street in front of the house screaming at the same stupid stuff about fireworks. I mean this guy had walked back over the cliffs to the paths down in the park , then out to the street and up the road to my house, abit under a half mile. So I get up and walk around to the front of the house and there he is this guy standing in the street with a cell phone i his hand pointing at it and threatening to call the cops if we don't stop setting off fireworks right now. so I shouted back again that they are firearms and that he has no authority to say anything and to GO BACK TO THE PARK! He finaly stormed off toward the park still threatening to call the cops. But he did leave so we whent back to shooting figuring he'd finnaly gotten it. Well about 20 minutes later three cop cars show up in my driveway looking for trouble. The guy did call the cops but he lied to them and said we had threatend him with a gun. So we all explained what had realy happened, seven witnesses said nobody pulled a gun, nobody pointed a gun and nobody threatened or menaced anyone in any way. The cool thing is that it is legal to carry guns on your own property and it is legal to shoot guns on your own property so nothing we did was wrong. So the cops finaly went off to have another talk with the guy and no sooner than they left the driveway. Jim who is paster of a church over in westlake picks up his gun and starts shooting again. I thought that was funny because I'm usualy the arogant one who would do that kind of thing. Allin all it was a unique experience for all of us.

2007-06-03 22:29:57 ET

that guy was a total loser. i'm thinking that if he did that same crap to someone else not as nice as you guys he may not have been able to tell his tale to the cops. f'n liar.... i thought bearing false witness was something that they weren't supposed to do, 1 of 10 or something.
anyway, how expensive/feasible would it be to attach a car battery to the fence? that could be much fun.

2007-06-04 11:22:18 ET

What an r-tard.

The pastor shooting: reminds me of that guy in the commercial for Hot Fuzz. Wish I was there.

2007-06-04 18:18:45 ET

I'm glad things turned out in a way that you can laugh at.

Some people really need to mind their own beeswax.

2007-06-04 21:33:13 ET


Some people are nuts.

2007-06-13 19:58:21 ET

That guy WAS particularly histerical. I've never had to deal with someone quite like that. Really got me angry at the time.

2007-06-14 08:13:02 ET

Come work at my job, and then you can deal with lunatics like that every day!!

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