Anomalism6-17.7 my Fathers day.
2007-06-17 18:09:27 ET

I just got off the phone with my dad. I started this entry over an hour ago and before I could type a word I realized it was a good time to try to catch dad at home (in AZ). I was telling him about Hexagon doing repelling down the cliff, (he taught the rest of us how and it was a blast) and we got on to talking about some of the crazy things I used to climb when I was a kid. He taught me how to climb trees (dad did) and then I learned how to do a full body jamb watching Batman and I became a regular squirel for much of my childhood. And of course I taught my kids and they of course took it even farther than me. Hexagon is back in Norfolk and I miss him already. I wish we got to see him more often but the military is what it is.
Severity is starting his third week at the same company I work for doing the same stuff Ive been doing for many years but its a new adventure for him and he's diggin it. He'll be diggin the pay hike too at the end of this week. No new dumb animal or stupid human stories to tell this time. Nothing new bullisticaly either. Oh well.

2007-06-18 04:29:28 ET

Sweet! Glad to see you seem to have a great relationship with your Dad.

Mom's are great, because they make you feel better and all, but Dads are definately way more fun. Dad is the one who takes you camping, and on all those fun near-death-experience like trips up down unpaved steep mountian roads at 50mph.

2007-06-18 06:39:37 ET

I used to love to climb trees when I was limber enough to do so. lol. Trees rock.


2007-06-22 15:04:55 ET

i wish there were trees to climb here. the trees here bite you when you try. inch long thorns and all.

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