Anomalousim 01-01.8 So why was?
2008-01-01 13:41:14 ET

And this is one for the true geeks of scifi. So why was Serenity landing in Caprica City on Caprica just ahead of the Cylon invasion, the day president what's her name was being told she has terminal breast cancer? I don't get it. Were they filming on a nearby computer/set? were they not realy Cylons but Reavers that attacked and it was all a big mistake blaming the poor oppressed robots?

On a somewhat more rational note, Happy New Year everyone.

2008-01-01 13:58:14 ET

In other news, there is some very pretty snow falling good and thick outside. The not too cold but wet sticky kind that falls very gently and coats everything down to the smallest twig with a thick pelt of white.
It would appear that I splitting and stacking that load of wood onto the porch yesterday was indeed a prudent move.
Also I have started drawing again after many years of not drawing. I've always figured that I would someday take up art again. So I decided recently to make someday now. I have a Deviant Art page but as yet there is no work up. Perhaps soon.

2008-01-01 14:42:44 ET

I'm totally confused.

2008-01-01 15:56:31 ET

Happy New Year!

2008-01-02 18:57:03 ET

Ohh! Be sure to let us know when you get some art up.

I want a fireplace. Ok, I have one but it's not in working order. I want an insert for my fireplace. There ya go.

*has fireplace envy*

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :)

2008-01-02 21:07:14 ET

I know exactly what you're talking about, and will have to watch the first episode of BSG again to see this. I think the reason would by "why not do it?" =p

happy new year

2008-01-03 01:26:50 ET

Just scanned the drawing mere moments ago. Next step= figure out how to upload.
It is only a sketch and is the first completed thing I done in ink in many many years.

DrSkymosh= If I did not have a fireplace I could not afford to live in this big old house in the winter cuz propane is unreal expensive. I should try to get the house pics up on the photo page soon too. The transformation is impressive.

2008-01-03 05:06:09 ET

It is up, seems to have worked. It is a bit large but I'll get that worked out. It is at under Anomalous01. If I can figure out the link thing , I'll post one.

2008-01-05 07:16:20 ET

I'm seriously looking at investing in an insert cause my house is old and has no insulation (1923 house) and my heating bill - electric - was obscene. A friend of the col's has been heating with a wood stove for years and loves it. Roanoke city gov periodically has wood give aways. A lot of folks here heat with wood.

2008-01-07 00:53:35 ET

DrSkymosh=They are at times a pain to keep fed, but they are worth it on a number of fronts. I live in a well forested area and work for a huge tree company, so in 3 years of heating I have yet to have to pay for any wood. Right now I'm looking at a real posibility of fueling the whole winter with dead wood from my own property.

2008-01-09 20:06:16 ET

Happy Birthday!

2008-01-09 20:20:13 ET

Birthday Cake TImeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! .... ok, so who brought the cake?

Oh, and happy birthday, Anom!

2008-01-09 20:21:04 ET

Cate - Look at one of those pellet-fireplace thingies. They're snazzy and warm

2008-01-17 05:46:45 ET

kewl! I just got another electric bill. I am going to the emergency room now because of heart attack related to heating bill issues.

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