Anomalism 12-14.8 Hexagon is home.
2008-12-14 11:04:01 ET

Doctor Hexagon is home from Korea for good and it is also My Lady Anomalous's birthday. Thier is much relief and much joy. Now if only I didn't have to work out in the cold and the wet for the next 3 days.

2008-12-14 11:06:18 ET

Tell Hex to drop me a line when he gets settled in, and happy birthday to Lady Anomalous! :)

2008-12-14 12:21:06 ET

Happy Birthday to the Mrs!

2008-12-14 12:32:05 ET

Happeh Birfdeh to the Mrs. and you can just make the Dr. do all the work :)

2008-12-14 12:34:27 ET

huzzah on both accounts!

2008-12-14 15:26:25 ET

yeah after reading this entry and the one previous i am only reminded further of how much i don't miss having an actual 'winter' here in california x_x

huzzah for birthdays and hex being home safe, though.

2008-12-14 18:59:03 ET

Happy birthday to her! And welcome home to Hex :)

2008-12-17 05:08:06 ET

Thank you all very much!

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