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2003-07-07 13:48:23 ET

Picted up some of my favorite films today, Seven Samurai, Hidden Fortress,Yojimbo,Sanjuro box dvd. I'm in sub title heaven. Also picked up Master of Orion 3 so when I get time? I can brutally conquer another galaxy and subjigate millions of aliens, or not. And Noodle witt the cat(who's name is mouse) is nudging and licking and wanting to play fetch. Hey some body tell this noob(me), how the chat thing works please, I'm a tourist not a geek so I havn't a clue yet. Many thanks in advance to the person who helps.

2003-07-07 13:58:45 ET

i heard MOO3 was a dissapointment :(

tell me how it goes.

2003-07-07 14:09:46 ET

I will.

2003-07-07 14:13:37 ET

thanks bruthaman!

2003-07-07 14:18:55 ET

the chat thing doesn't work on some browsers.... like aol... i'm one of the few people on here that still uses aol it seems. so, if you just use internet explorer (IE) you should be fine... and if that doesn't work try downloading the latest version of IE and you should be set to go.

2003-07-07 14:33:46 ET

you can also connect by mIRC if you got it...

2003-07-07 17:16:38 ET

Akira Kurusawa was the man.

2003-07-07 17:17:19 ET

Heh, yer in chat right now... I see you... but you don't see me...

2003-07-07 19:22:58 ET

My 19 year old showed me how it works. thanks all.

2003-07-08 06:32:26 ET

kurasawa rocks.

2003-07-08 08:05:00 ET

I was bummed to find out Toshiro Mifune died in 96, he remains one of my favorite actors of all time.

2003-07-11 18:38:25 ET

Seven Samurai rocks!

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