Navy basic 7-8
2003-07-08 17:07:35 ET

My elder son leaves for Navy basic tomorrow, a new experience for all of us.

2003-07-08 18:28:29 ET

Good luck to him, and you.

2003-07-08 18:40:08 ET

yay. another SK person with a grown child. :)

2003-07-08 21:32:20 ET

i just noticed you, sorry for missing you the first time around

welcome to sk! youll find that its like crack except arguably healthier

also, i am noticing that you like tool, devo, kraftwerk, evanescence, and most notably, PRIMUS!

i love you.
that is all.

2003-07-08 21:36:38 ET

oh, and good luck to your son!

2003-07-09 01:35:43 ET

and while im at it

"I am a Christian but I do not claim any denomination, Christ is all I need."

like that bit as well.

2003-07-09 04:49:24 ET

I'm a bit late again!

Welcome to SK and good luck to your son. :)

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