words from a genius    2005-10-03 14:21:18 ET
i decided to do a COMPLETELY pointless post.. enjoy.

as quoted from Jimmy Urine of MSI
"this is a song about fuckin people you aint supposed to fuck"

for those of you who know of my Myspace page (in which my name is skeletor)<BR">

as quoted from CKY's Skeletor vs Beastman
"skeletor, i shave my legs for you tonight"
"ive got aids, beastman aids, and i'll spread it into every good boy and girl today"

another fact.. i think james has failed his first "sober" day.. for the third time. im not mad, theres nothing i can do if he gets arrested again. its more like im worried.

 OMG OMG OMG!!    2005-10-02 17:20:56 ET
this is a must-have for my wardrobe! james said he would buy it for me!


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