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I'm in my first year of college, earning an Associates in Secondary Teacher Education..
I'm married as of Halloween 2006 to my worse half (see link below)

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There's no need to shit talk or impress
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Worse Half

 OK UPDATE FINALLY!    2008-11-06 08:41:11 ET
its been 9 months since i updated!!

my son is now 9 months old and crawling and trying to learn how to walk.. he is everywhere and into everything! he can say mamma (which he says whenever he wants ANYTHING) dada (which he calls my dad.. heh) and da (which is romanian for "yes", he actually says it!)

anyway, check out the new pics, hes a cutie.

 this is copied from my myspace.. but here everyone!    2008-02-11 17:23:21 ET
ok, im gonna make this short and sweet coz i know everyone wants to know how it all went down! :-)

ok, i started having contractions at 3 am on Wednesday Feb 6th. they were horribly painful. so i went to my OBGYN at about 9 am. they examined me, even tho ever 5 minutes i was screaming in pain. then they concluded "yes you are in labor! go to the hospital" k so i get there.. blablabla.. they make me stay in this little room till 1 pm (it had now been 10 hours since contractions started) then they said "oh ur not dialating fast enough, go home and come back later." im like.. when's later?? so we went home i was in pain for more hours.. then about 7 pm we went back and i was not intending on being sent home again! luckily i had progessed to 5-6 cm so they let me stay.

even tho i had planned for a natural birth i could not stand the pain any longer. so i opted for the epidural. perhaps this was my downfall. within 30 minutes of recieving the epidural i started shaking pretty badly.. i would consider them almost like mild seizures. the monitors said that my blood pressure was WAY high and then the baby's heart rate went WAY low. they ended up decided on an emergency c-section. at this point i was so messed up i had no idea what was going on and james' freaking out was not helping. a buncha nurses swarmed on the room and ran me to the operating room and started the procedure. unfortunately, the epidural they had given me was for vaginal birth, not c-section, so for the first 30 seconds - minute i could feel them cutting me open. i was screaming like crazy until the anestesiologist noticed and pumped up the IV.

i dont remember much but all the sudden the nurses were showing me pictures of the baby on my digital camera. i was too messed up to know what they were talking about.

Adrian was born at 9:42 pm weighing 8lbs 14 oz. he has blond hair and blue eyes.

he was in the NICU till 3 am when they brought him to me. by that point i was still shaking for the eipural and had a morphine drip, so once again, i had no idea what was going on. i was in the hospital for 3 days. the first time i tried to get up and go pee, james had to slowdance me to the bathroom. walking is still excrutiating coz of the stitches, but im glad im home and Adrian is doing excellent. im having some problems breastfeeding, so i bought a pump, its going well but for a few days i have to give him formula, which he hates! it gives him terrible gas pains and he cries coz of it.

ok, there! now everyone is informed! :-)


Morphine Look


Adrian and his daddy

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