2008-11-06 08:41:11 ET

its been 9 months since i updated!!

my son is now 9 months old and crawling and trying to learn how to walk.. he is everywhere and into everything! he can say mamma (which he says whenever he wants ANYTHING) dada (which he calls my dad.. heh) and da (which is romanian for "yes", he actually says it!)

anyway, check out the new pics, hes a cutie.

2008-11-06 09:28:08 ET

Congrats! He's gorgeous and I love his hair color. So pretty...

2008-11-06 10:30:15 ET

look at those big blue eyes! what a cutie :)

2008-11-06 12:05:09 ET

omg you updated!
looks like a cute kid

2008-11-06 12:13:11 ET

updated without any coaxing what happened?

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