it spells MORON, you peice of crap!
2004-08-09 07:23:35 ET

spring... err fall cleaning! i love clearing out my page every few months or so coz i dont like looking back at terrible entries!!

started school again, year number 6 in highschool. i should be done after this though. i hope. im going to have to demand to my work that i need weekdays off coz of school coz working and going to school every single day is going to make me kill myself from depression.. literally.i realized how much ive grown up since i started high school. im the only girl in here with pants that go up to my belly button and a long sleeved shirt. oh, and the only one without makeup on.. hmm.. good thing or bad thing?.. eh!
im taking webdesign, expect to see me making some usless webpage for all to see.

mood: chaotic
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2004-08-09 07:29:56 ET

yeah you are gonn strech yourself thin and loose it bad.

get a schedule change i possible.

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