2004-08-18 07:28:52 ET

a girl at my school today got ran over in the student parking lot.. by her own car. they make them take drivers ed just to park at this school but they cant teach them how to set a parking break correctly.

2004-08-19 07:46:07 ET

That's nuts man. Is she okay? Seriously...and my ex roommate thought it was weird that everyone in this state sets their parking brake out of habit, whether on an incline or not.

2004-08-20 05:36:11 ET

she apparently didnt even put it in park, she accidentally put it in neutral and it rolled back and she tried to jump in a hit the brakes but it was one of them cars where the brakes and shift thingy dont work unless you have the key in the car. so nothing happens and the door it her and knocked her unconcious. shes okay though, just really shooken up.

2004-08-20 21:09:37 ET

Wow, from bad to worse I suppose. *shiver*

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