Bad Navy
2004-08-24 05:41:28 ET

so, the military has only destroyed my brothers life, he was the purest person i ever knew, 21 yrs old, didnt drink, do dugs, and had refrained from sex, and family always came first. i havent seen him since christmas, he has been stationed in italy. as of right now, he is drinking every single day, smoked a cigar, has a g/f, and decided that he doesnt want to come see his family for this christmas because he would rather stay in italy with his g/f. suddenly, all that was important to him, his morals and his family, are comming second to sex and alcohol. i called to tell him that our sister just gave birth to our first nephew yesterday, and he didnt even get excited coz he was drunk, and then he said he couldnt talk anyway coz his g/f was sleeping and he didnt wanna wake her up. he's thousands of miles away and only talks to me once a week, but god forbid he wake up his girl friend that he sees everyday. i understand how a first love can cloud your thoughts.. but must he be so thoughtless?. well, anyway..

August 23, 2004 - Jacob Micheal Hardt (my nephew) 6lbs 12oz, blonde hair, blue eyes.

2004-08-24 05:52:19 ET

Yes. First love sucks. It completely sucks you away. And then, most likely, it'll probably never work out. They never do at least that I've heard of. Always crashes and burns.. le sigh. This probably isn't making you feel much better, but know that I understand.

2004-08-24 06:01:12 ET

I hope your brother can see what he's doing. It wouldn't hurt him to be a little bit more considerate, it sounds like.

Congrats on the new baby in the family!

2004-08-24 06:04:26 ET

Yeah, like she said. Have you tried talking to him and trying to let him know how he's acting? If you do that, keep it on the down low. I mean, you don't want to cause conflicts between him and his girl either.

2004-08-24 06:21:09 ET

i did talk to him and let him know that he is acting like family doesnt matter anymore and i was like just coz this girl comes into the picture.. and he interrupted with "dont bring her into this!" i was like, ive known you for 19 yrs and shes known you for a month! and i told him that he is being irrational, and all he says is that i acted like that with my first b/f.. but i was 14, hes 21, he should be more mature about it. all i know is shes gonna leave him and hes going to become a drunk, or a drug user coz hes so depressed. he said he feels like dying whenever hes not with her.

2004-08-24 06:22:21 ET

Yeah, that usually happens...Doesn't really matter what age you are, either. The first is always the same. It's awful. Completely terrible.

2004-08-24 06:24:55 ET

i was thinking about going into the navy but James kept telling me it was a bad idea and i'll find out why.. well he was right, i found out it destroys lives.

2004-08-24 06:31:06 ET

the navy is no good...everyone that i know that has gone into it has come out worst then they were when they went in

2004-08-24 17:40:24 ET

the service will make you an addict or a drunk, i know cuz i seen it heard it and seen military families, also tims dad was in the army and he was a drug user of all sorts.

2004-11-24 13:24:58 ET

Pink, I'm pretty sure I'm the same ass as I was before the navy

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