2004-09-05 05:56:27 ET

My new email adress is Special Thanks to Nasum.

I added new pics to my gallery!

2004-09-05 06:57:32 ET

Is gmail any good?

You look SO familiar. And you shouldn't.

2004-09-05 07:01:48 ET

how long u been a member? you prolly replied to my page before.. that or youre crazy.

AND gmail is awesome. u can search thru ur messages and its just cool in general.

2004-09-05 07:12:37 ET

I've been on here since July 2002. *old skoole member*

And yeah I've seen you before [I don't really know you but I've seen your pictures on James's page].. hmmm.

2004-09-05 08:10:28 ET

i love teh gmail

2004-09-07 05:41:02 ET

ya u prolly seen me on his page. i been a member since around then too man.

and this gmail thing is awesome! mwahaha...

2004-09-08 03:09:01 ET

I thought you came in really early 2003... because I can remember most people that were on at that time [The Yuma Crew, the NY people were already around], etc. But whatever. :D


2004-09-08 05:27:12 ET

i prolly did.. i knew it was either late 2002 or early 2003. i dont know the exact date.

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