stupid school system
2004-09-07 05:44:21 ET

so, there is no power at my school today, that storm came through and took out the power.. suprising the computers just started working.. they wouldnt let us go home even though all the class rooms are almost pitch black. they were like just go through the day like normal.. since we cant do anything all we've done in my classes is sit there waiting for the bell to ring.. wasting our time. this is ridiculous. im thinking about just sneaking out to my car.. i got into an argument with this girl coz i said that we were stuck here coz of the stupid idiots who ride the busses and she was like "WHAT?! i aint no idiot foo!".. i quickly ended that conversation..

2004-09-07 05:51:15 ET

There was one time where the power at my mothers office went out due to snow. They were standing outside trying to figure out what to do as all the doors rely on power (it went out in the middle of the night) so one of the head people said that they were closed for the day and that they can all go home. One lady said she was going to put a note on the door to let anyone that got their late know that it was closed. One of the other people asked how she planned on doing that because the power was out and therefore the computer won't print it off for her. The one that was going to write the note looked at her, blinked a few times and then said "ummm... with some paper and a pencil... remember those things?"

2004-09-07 06:56:44 ET

hahaha.. paper no longer exists.. its all computers now apparently. thats funny man.

2004-09-07 07:25:28 ET

ahahaha. Yeah when the power went out at my school they jsut sent us home b/c the heat was offf and thats dangerous.

2004-09-07 07:28:01 ET

i wish theyd do that here. im freezing and i cant put my sweater on coz it got soaked when i walked from my car to the school so its all wet and cold..

the policeman at this school just asked me "you still got that web journal?".. ha.. i cant beleive he remembers it.

2004-09-07 15:12:28 ET

If you had no power how did you post this?

2004-09-08 05:28:08 ET

the comps came on at the end of the day thats when i posted it.

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