2004-09-08 05:33:33 ET

so i totaled my car yesterday, a guy hit my car on the side and smashed it good.. and kinda smashed me but im pretty good.. just a bump on the head a few bruises on my leg and arms. i'll post a pic of my poor little car later when i go to get all my stuff out of it. its not gonna be repaired coz it was all messed up, they said it wasnt worth repairing. i got a 200$ ticket coz i admitted fault even though i think it was the other guy's fault.. i just wanted to get home. i still had to go to school today.. im going to call my work and tell them i need to day off.. i mean i almost died i think i deserve some sleep for once. but anyway.. my dad said he's going to help me get another car but it wont be as small and cute as my other one.. its gonna be some big ugly old man car.. coz theyre cheap..

so for now i have no car.. my dad has to drive me to work and school.. i hate it and my dad hates it.

2004-09-08 08:53:24 ET

get an suv or a big truck, cuz if somebody hits you then they will get the most damage.
wait no fuck an suv, just get an old big truck, just make sure not to flip yourself!

2004-09-09 00:01:01 ET

yea... get an f-350 ;-)... it's all about people watchin' out for you then...

glad that you're ok...

2004-09-09 05:38:56 ET

ya im suprised im okay.. the day of the accident all that hurt was my head.. now im finding bruises everywhere.. i woke up this mornign in SO much pain.. my leg, my rib, my SHOULDER OUCH!, my elbow.. my neck, my lowerback.. everything.. and of course my head. why didnt the freakin Airbags go off!!??!!

2004-09-09 06:13:10 ET

its cuz it was a lemon!

you could sue, make some serious cash...

2004-09-09 06:26:50 ET

no i dont wanna sue them.

2004-09-09 09:00:41 ET

you realy should.

2004-09-09 15:00:13 ET

yea i know suein' feels bad... but people need money... it's a part of life sadly enough

2004-09-10 05:29:28 ET

ya but id be sueing a guy who has provided my whole family cars for like 10 years. my dad bought an oldsmobile from him like 4 years ago and its still working. but his car was 7000$ and mine was 3500$ ehh... im just tired. i might get a cabrio that i see on the side of the road everyday.. mmm.. cabrio.

2004-09-10 06:31:21 ET

oh hey i was a ford mustang for $1195 i think, or it might have been a escort.
you should take a gander @ it, and you tell me!

2004-09-11 15:48:53 ET

ouch. Hope you feel better.

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