my car
2004-09-11 15:46:21 ET

dont worry, ive already got a replacement lined up m getting it on monday. i love knowing the car dealship man! i get a 97 cavalier for 2500$.. he was like "i know how much you loved that cavalier, i got another for you lined up!" mwahaha.. ouch.. mwahaha.. heres my old car though:

2004-09-11 15:49:40 ET

That's good. Hopefully it has a longer lifespan than the last one.

2004-09-11 18:32:00 ET

my cavalier is still going strong...95 with 140k miles on it. woot cavaliers!

2004-09-11 20:19:30 ET

the new car is gonna be nice, you gotta let me drive it, its got those nice rims and low profiles. aswell as the tuned engine!

2004-09-13 05:33:05 ET

::yay cavaliers!:: thats what mine was.. a 95. but the new one is a 97.. so i hope its better. ya you can drive it james, coz i know how much ur car is scarey deadly.. haha..

2004-09-13 18:31:26 ET

my car is fixed now!

2004-09-15 05:29:34 ET


2004-09-15 05:58:29 ET

it feels so great to have an actual turning radius!

2004-09-15 06:11:56 ET

i hope mine actually gets fixed! i want an air conditioner. look at my page!~

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