2004-09-20 06:02:12 ET


School Nurse (Registered Nurse) - $47,000/yr

School Counselor - $51,000/yr

Preschool Teacher - $20,000/yr

High School Teacher - $46,000/yr

Massage Therapist - $42,000/yr

2004-09-20 06:18:02 ET

to be an rn is easy!
i was taking classes for that @ maxwell.

2004-09-20 06:26:15 ET

well to be an RN you need bachelors degree in medical science or somethin like that.. so i should be a school nurse then??

2004-09-20 06:31:19 ET

its easy, but there are things you wont enjoy doing like old people sponge baths, dead people, dying people, and funny hospital smell.

2004-09-20 06:31:59 ET

not as a school nurse, no hosp smell, no old people

im going to lunch be back soon

2004-09-20 06:35:39 ET

well your prolly gonna work @ a hospital when you first start out.

2004-09-20 07:38:19 ET

Wow, your teachers get paid a lot compared to what they get down here in Florida

2004-09-20 08:38:51 ET

ya i know, its gwinnett county here.. alot.

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