"Faculty Follies"
2004-09-20 06:55:45 ET

so.. im in the lunch room, in the line that serves pizza..

i get up there and to my suprise, there is only pepperoni and supreme pizza, no plain cheese. i, along with several other students, are asking, where the cheese pizza is. their reply "you better be glad we serve you pizza anyway! dont be so picky and whiney you little brats!" (exact quote)

my response to that "i do not eat pork, i would like the plain cheese pizza!"

them "this isnt Pizza hut you get what you see, if you have a problem with it, dont eat it!"

needless to say i am left hungry today.. i had to go to the candy machine and eat a snickers for lunch because there wasnt enough time for me to get in a different lunch line..

whats wrong with this picture?

2004-09-20 06:59:11 ET

umm, the school Must respect you dietary wishes!

2004-09-20 07:04:08 ET

schools are retarded. theres one here that is banning all forms of nuts or pitted fruits (peanuts, peaches, avocados) because one single student is allergic to them. bah.

2004-09-20 07:18:47 ET

thats just gay, youd think that student just WOULDNT eat the nuts.. freaks.

and ya, they didnt care they said we are lucky they even waste their time cooking for us, this is what the lunch ladies said.

2004-09-20 07:31:42 ET

they're paid to fed you so they should stfu. and schools are required to accomodate the dietary needs of students. it's a law. of course, the alternative is salad and not cheese pizza.

2004-09-20 11:05:56 ET

subsonic is %100 correct, you can bring this to a administrator's attnetion, they HAVE TO provide vegeterain and kosher meals, and if they still act like dicks just threaten them with a lawsuit!

2004-09-21 05:38:16 ET

they do provide salad and what not, but i wanted cheese pizza and if i had turned around and gotten in the salad line once i found out they didnt have plain cheese, i wouldnt have had time to get my food before the bell rings, it took me 15 min. just to get up to the pizza line and find out they didnt have what i wanted. it wouldve taken me another 15 to get up to the salad line.. we only have 25 minutes for lunch.

i just decided that im not gonna waste my money on them.. i'll bring my lunch

2004-09-21 05:39:22 ET

thats the best thing you can do, cuz you have 25 minutes to eat and its exactly what yoy want!

2004-09-21 05:46:00 ET

ya, but i cant eat warm food, every meal i have has to be cold.. i dont know.. i just want a good meal thats not a sandwhich.. anyway.. ya.. read my recent post

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