Money Money Money!
2004-09-29 05:43:41 ET

For Me and James to visit Vancouver, BC to see if we really wanna live there, here's the estimated Costs:

Airline Tickets -2 $1400

Holiday Inn - 7 Nights $608

Car Rental - per Week $175

Total Cost $2183

this does not include food and any entertainment...

hmm.. on another subject, ive been sick for 2 days, puking and all.. multiple times.. im back at school today and i really wanna go back home. im tired and dizzy... and hungry.

2004-09-29 06:33:33 ET

whoa, thats waaaaay to much, i think for $2138 everything can be covered, and the airline tickects can be much much cheaper!

2004-09-29 06:57:14 ET

well, ya they can be much cheaper if we order them in advance, this was as if we were going in october 2004

2004-09-29 08:17:47 ET

noway, we can pre-order with delta and it'll be much cheaper cuz delta is compeating with airtan. i need to look into the lodging.

2004-09-29 09:19:19 ET

first off air canada is cheapest from what i gather, and secondly FUCK Holiday Inn, if we go we are staying @ sister sativa bed & breakfast hotel!
it looks like the party scene there is ROCKIN!!!!
theres also a vibrant gay scene there aswell, go figure.

2004-09-29 10:41:23 ET

Penthouse suite - $185 per night
(accommodates two people)
On your own private top floor,
Queen bed, 5 skylights,
luxury bath with jacuzzi tub,
sitting room with cable TV,
stereo and coffee service.

Main room - $140 per night
(accommodates two people)
Queen bed, cable TV,
ensuite bathroom with
jacuzzi bathtub.

Double room - $125 per night
(accommodates two people)
2 single beds, cable TV,
private bath.

Single room - $85 per night
(accommodates one person)
Single bed, cable TV,
private bath.

there was a cafe but they closed that down...

2004-09-30 05:29:11 ET

i like the penthouse suite, but we dont have that kinda money.. it would be awesome though.. ya i was thinkin delta coz thy are going out of business so they want to get people to fly with them so much they lower prices.

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